Sheen FlamegunThe SHEEN FLAME GUN was designed and produced by Mr H.K. Prichard, in England in 1952. The Sheen Flamegun is the worlds best selling flamegun, it destroys weeds with a searing 2000°F blast which stops sap rising.

The Sheen Flamegun not only destroys weeds but leaves the ground pure, sweet and free from seeds and harmful bacteria- perfect for future planting. The Sheen Flamegun consists of a one gallon tank, intergral pressure pump, pressure gauge, precision control valve and burner. Sturdy and simple to operate, the Flamegun surpasses the most stringent safety standards, with tank factory tested at many at many times more than the normal working pressure.

The SHEEN Flamegunning method of destroying weeds is the modern way – sure, quick and easy, without stooping and without the use of dangerous chemicals. All you have to do is to wave the flame over the unwanted weeds. You may use along paths, along fences, edges, rockeries etc. Flamegunning will not stain the stonework. Before sowing seeds, you may lightly flame the seed bed to kill weeds and any harmful spores. You will find so many uses for the Flamegun around the home and in your garden or on the farm.

The SHEEN FLAMEGUN operates on lighting household kerosene, gives an intense flame 16 to 18 inches long heating to 2000 degree F. It saves stooping, destroys weed and there seeds, saving many hours of tedious weeding. It gets rid of weeds, fungus, moss bacteria, snails, spiders and insect pests – ideal around the house, on farms, market gardens, pig farms, poultry farms stables, dairies, kennels, for Contractors, etc.

  • Ideal for clearing
  • Weed eradication
  • Sterilising
  • Making firebreaks

Whatever the use, you will find the SHEEN FLAMEGUN so quick and easy to use.

You will be more than thrilled with this modern environmentally friendly method of weed eradication – a method already extensively used overseas. To save time and effort is to save money, and this is exactly what you will find – you will save. It is so simple, so easy and safe. Do contact us and let us help you solve all your weed and pest problems quickly and easily.

Bon Trading Co has been selling the Sheen Flamegun for over 30 years in Australia