All the jobs you’ll do… faster, cheaper, more thoroughly with a SHEENGUN

Attacking dandelions, chickweed, dock, poison ivy, birdweed, peppergrass, couch grass, burdock… all enemies of a good garden.

Inter-row weeding between growing crops.

Clearing uncultivated and overgrown land. Where weed growth is high 2-stage SHEENGUNNING is amazingly effective. First, the tall growth is killed off by the intense heat. Then, after the dead weeds have been allowed to dry out for a day or two, SHEENGUNNING will burn them away completely.

Cleaning paths, driveways, stone walls and paved areas of grass and weeds that look unsightly and cause costlydamage to concrete and paving stones.

Protecting shrubs and trees by clearing pests and insect-harbouring weeds from their base.

Burning decaying fruit, prunings and garden refuse, eliminating hidden pests and their eggs before they can emerge to spoil the new season’s growth.

Sterilizing seed beds. The intense, clean flame clears the ground of weeds, pests and bacteria, improves the soil to give your seeds the bestpossible start.

SHEENGUNNING after the ground is dug and prepared and again before plants start to emerge assures their protection.

Disinfecting glasshouses, destroying infestations and pre-heating the soil. SHEENGUNS are widely used by professional nurserymen and also on farms and smallholdings, for hygiene in stables, dairies, kennels, pigsties, poultry houses. Healthauthorities recommend flamegunning as a thorough system of sterilizing and safeguarding against disease.

Preventing drains and ditches from becoming rank and overgrown. Clearing them is an unpleasant job. SHEENGUNNING puts you at a safe distance from it – deals with the problem faster and more effectively.

Destroying breeding grounds, of mosquitoes, ants and similar nuisances leaves you free to enjoy your garden without fear of ‘attack’.

Thawing pipes, defrosting machinery and building materials, melting snow and ice..

Incinerating household refuse, cleanly and completely.

SHEENGUNNING helps to safeguard the family against germs.