Let the Sheen Flame Gun lend a helping handSheen Flamegun

“as one of the “Old School” who has practiced natural gardening for many years I know it is the sound way of growing tastier vegetables and better blooms. I also know that weeding and weed control can be a very time consuming tas. But it doesn’t have to be!

Some years ago I invested in a Sheen Flamegun which is still going strong and which has saved me countless hours of tedious weeding which I spend on more enjoyable tasks. I call it “The GreenFlame” because it is the organic answer. It is non-toxic and presents no poison hazards for children, pets, birds or wildlife generally.

“Never allow a weed to seed” is a good gardening maxim. The GreenFlame” with its core temperature of 2000°F destroys top growth weed seeds and harmful bacteria thus steralising the soil surface – all that is left is a potash rich residue.

The GreenFlame provides an ideal method of ground clearance and seed bed steralisation. Truse, there is always awkward corners where hand or hoe ane necessary, but the GreenFlame fitted with a hinged flamehood can be used quite safely for inter-row weeding.

I find that fierce, controllable, portable heat comes in handyat all times of the year in 1001 ways in and around the home and garden. The GreenFlame is easy to operate and maintain and economical to run. Truly a reliable and much valued Helping Hand.

Bob Hickling
Writer on Garden Topics

“I am delighted to say that the results have been more than I expected, and my machine has been tamed, and already has tamed a considerable area of garden. The points you mentioned in your letter all applied and the Manual has greatly increased the scope.”


“You may if you wish use my name as a very satisfied user of the flame method of weed destruction, and I repeat I am only sorry that I did not try it years ago, and this is my 43rd year of cropping a very large garden.”


“Will you please accept my sincere thanks for the prompt service rendered and I could add – the machine is ‘Just perfection’. In the three months, it has saved me twice its cost in labour I should have paid for.”


“I have now obtained an X.500 complete with hood and carrier and I am very pleased with it as to a man of my age, 68, bending is a hard job, and now, I do it with ease standing up.”

Sussex, London, N.W.5.