How It Is Made

The basic principle of all these kerosene Sheen Flame Guns is that of a pressure stove or blow-lamp, although of course they are many times larger.

With the kerosene burning guns fuel is contained in an air tight tank and is forced into the burner via a control valve by air pressure supplied by the built-in pump. The burners are the vapourising type in which the fuel is pre-heated and vapourised for passing through a helically wound coil which is pre-heated. The flame produced by this means gives maximum efficiency with a core temperature on all models of 2000˚F. using 6% fuel vapour to 94% air.

The Sheen X300 consists of a one gallon tank, intergral pressure pump, pressure gauge, precision control valve and burner. Sturdy and simple to operate, the X300 surpasses the most stringent safety standards, with the tank factory tested at many times more than normal working pressure.

Fuel is contained in a welded steel tank, hydraulically tested to three times normal working pressure. Fuel is admitted through a brass filler bowl which prevents spilling. Large diameter forged brass filler cap. Pressuring is by a built-in large capacity, positive action pump. Working pressure is indicated by the pressure gauge (working pressure varies between 20-40 lbs. per sq. inch depending on requirements).

The burner is helically wound from special heat-resisting tubing. The burner jet is of brass and replaceable. A jet key and pricker are provided with every ‘X’ model. Pre-heating and starting are by the wick in the chimney. On the X.300 model the tubular steel handle gives perfect balance and easy movement. The cranked handle enables the gun to be easily maneuvered with minimum effort. Two gun positions are available to suit all types of work.