How To Use

Please click here to see links to videos on how to use the Sheen Flame Gun

Sheenguns are easy to start and simple in operation

This is the standard lighting procedure.

  • Fill the tank with clean kerosene. Do not use petrol or diesel.
  • Tighten filler cap and close control valve.
  • Pump pressure to approximately 25 lbs. per sq. inch (3 Strokes).
  • Open control valve slightly allowing a trickle of fuel to flow onto the wick.
  • Close control valve.
  • Light the wick to pre-heat burner. Although the valve must be closed during pre-heating, kerosene in the burnet coil will burn and pre-heating is complete when this flame subsides and the gun starts to roar (after 3-4 minutes).
  • Open control valve approximately half a turn and flame gun will start.
  • Adjust flame by pumping up more pressure. Recommended pressure 25 lbs, maximum 40 lbs.
  • To stop FlameGun close control valve. The FlameGun will continue to burn for a minute due to the fuel in the coil.